Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding magnets to save the dates

Worst fear for wedding planners

If you are planning a wedding, what might be your greatest fear. Don't know about you, mine is after sending out all the invitation cards, the guests forgot and didn't turn up. It is pretty embarrassing to end up with a wedding ceremony or wedding dinner where majority of invited guests didn’t turn up and you have an almost empty church or restaurant where the wedding dinner is supposed to be held.

Solution to possible absent invited guests

One of the way is to call up each and every one on the invitation list to remind them, but this is not the ideal solution as for one, it will take a lot of work and time and guests may be irritated by constant reminders. A better solution to this possible nightmare is to use Save the dates magnets to be sent out together with the invitation cards. Then invited guests can use those magnets to stick the invitation cards to the refrigerator or other metallic appliances to save the dates. Now you have a reminder for invited guests without having to call each and everyone to remind them.

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jon said...

This is such a creative idea!!! Thanks for making the labels!!! You have made this project super easy for everyone!! :)

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