Monday, May 5, 2008

Planning a wedding: a wedding blog

Planning a wedding

I married off 2 daughters and I observed the amount of work they have to put into planning a wedding that has to go into it. In my times, it was the parents that did all the work and I do not know if it is still the practice of others. In my case, those two future (then) brides took care of all the details. Even their (then) future husband did not do much. They had to take care of drawing up the guests list, choose the bridesmaids, the churches, the venue for the wedding dinner, the menu, pick a professional photographer to take hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of wedding photos, the scheduling of the wedding ceremony, picking a printer to print the wedding cards, send them out, many of them by hand, get nice cars to take them and me (the father) to send us to the churches, etc. these were not easy tasks and very time consuming.

Creating a wedding blog

Very often, people need to be kept informed of the progress and any changes. Had they ask me, I would have help to create a wedding blog to keep everyone informed. All they need to do is to give the wedding blog URL to those who need to be kept informed and update the blog with whatever information or changes. I think I would even probably print the URL onto the wedding cards.

Well, I have one more daughter and two sons. It is still not too late for that if they ever make the decisions to get married. And this time, I can take care of some of the load off them by helping them maintain the blogs.

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