Monday, October 22, 2007

Wedding Presents and Washing Machines Reviews

Getting married involves many things form the planning of the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, preparing the invitation cards, etc. And, although this does not involve directly the bride and bride groom involve directly as it is the task of the invited guests. One would never imagine attending a wedding without a gift for the newly wedded. It will be good to give some thoughts to this as you wouldn't want to give presents which will be of no use to the happily newly wedded couple. It should be something they would need to start their life together as a couple.

One of the thing you can consider would be a washing machine, for to be sure, the couple, most likely the wife, will be loaded with the task of washing the cloths, bed linens, curtains, etc. A washing machine will be a god sent for the newly wedded couple, particularly the wet behind the ears wife. But there is a question of choice. There is a huge variety of washing machines to choose from, In the good old days, you would go from shop to shop and look, perhaps if you are as bold as I am, ask a lot of questions. Even if you do, I don't know how much confidence you can put on the answers you get, for it is not likely that the sales assistant is an expert on washing machine. Sales assistants don't get high salaries, and for that kind of salares, one can't expect to attract experts. Plus imagine the time and precious fuel wasted as you drive form shop to shop. Talking about precious fossil fuel, burning of spew out green house gases which contributes to global warming, I am environmentally conscious and have another environmental blog called Enviroman Says. With the "car explosion", there is now a serious shortage of parking lots in many places plus the atrocious parking charges.

Here is the amazing Internet and Washing Machine Reviews to the rescue. As an environmentally conscious blogger and a waste hater, I hope you use such review before you put down a single cent for purchase of a product. For WIZE product reviews has introduced what they call WIZERANK which is a number they say the use high technology to calculate, ranging from 100 (best) to 1 (worst) to help you make your choice.

As an environmentally conscious blogger, of course Enviroman Says you should look at the reviews for Energy Star Rated Quiet washing machines which lists washing machines which are not only energy efficient, but also quiet.

There are lots of ways to use this interesting product reviews site. If you look at the left sidebar of the page for Washing Machine Reviews, link given above, you will see 7 sections under "Criteria" - Price, Brands, Wash Presets, Volumn Capacity, Control Features, Exterior Color and Load Type. For example, if you have already visited the future couple's nest, you may already know the color scheme of there dream home. You would not want to get a washing machine with a color which clashes glaringly with their chosen color scheme, and you figured that beige would suit their nest color scheme best, you would go to reviews for beige colored washing machines.

If some of the invited guest are ganging up to pool together to buy a present and have pooled together enough resources, perhaps you can go for high end washing machines.

There are lots of ways to use this amazing WIZE products reviews. You just have to go to their site to find out for yourself.

If you happen to be a future bride or groom, a concerned family member, relative, friends or colleague of a future bride or groom, I hope you would refer other invited guests to this post as I think it is a useful post with useful tips for people involved with weddings and wedding presents.

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