Monday, May 5, 2008

Planning a wedding: a wedding blog

Planning a wedding

I married off 2 daughters and I observed the amount of work they have to put into planning a wedding that has to go into it. In my times, it was the parents that did all the work and I do not know if it is still the practice of others. In my case, those two future (then) brides took care of all the details. Even their (then) future husband did not do much. They had to take care of drawing up the guests list, choose the bridesmaids, the churches, the venue for the wedding dinner, the menu, pick a professional photographer to take hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of wedding photos, the scheduling of the wedding ceremony, picking a printer to print the wedding cards, send them out, many of them by hand, get nice cars to take them and me (the father) to send us to the churches, etc. these were not easy tasks and very time consuming.

Creating a wedding blog

Very often, people need to be kept informed of the progress and any changes. Had they ask me, I would have help to create a wedding blog to keep everyone informed. All they need to do is to give the wedding blog URL to those who need to be kept informed and update the blog with whatever information or changes. I think I would even probably print the URL onto the wedding cards.

Well, I have one more daughter and two sons. It is still not too late for that if they ever make the decisions to get married. And this time, I can take care of some of the load off them by helping them maintain the blogs.

Wedding magnets to save the dates

Worst fear for wedding planners

If you are planning a wedding, what might be your greatest fear. Don't know about you, mine is after sending out all the invitation cards, the guests forgot and didn't turn up. It is pretty embarrassing to end up with a wedding ceremony or wedding dinner where majority of invited guests didn’t turn up and you have an almost empty church or restaurant where the wedding dinner is supposed to be held.

Solution to possible absent invited guests

One of the way is to call up each and every one on the invitation list to remind them, but this is not the ideal solution as for one, it will take a lot of work and time and guests may be irritated by constant reminders. A better solution to this possible nightmare is to use Save the dates magnets to be sent out together with the invitation cards. Then invited guests can use those magnets to stick the invitation cards to the refrigerator or other metallic appliances to save the dates. Now you have a reminder for invited guests without having to call each and everyone to remind them.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Wedding Presents and Washing Machines Reviews

Getting married involves many things form the planning of the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception, preparing the invitation cards, etc. And, although this does not involve directly the bride and bride groom involve directly as it is the task of the invited guests. One would never imagine attending a wedding without a gift for the newly wedded. It will be good to give some thoughts to this as you wouldn't want to give presents which will be of no use to the happily newly wedded couple. It should be something they would need to start their life together as a couple.

One of the thing you can consider would be a washing machine, for to be sure, the couple, most likely the wife, will be loaded with the task of washing the cloths, bed linens, curtains, etc. A washing machine will be a god sent for the newly wedded couple, particularly the wet behind the ears wife. But there is a question of choice. There is a huge variety of washing machines to choose from, In the good old days, you would go from shop to shop and look, perhaps if you are as bold as I am, ask a lot of questions. Even if you do, I don't know how much confidence you can put on the answers you get, for it is not likely that the sales assistant is an expert on washing machine. Sales assistants don't get high salaries, and for that kind of salares, one can't expect to attract experts. Plus imagine the time and precious fuel wasted as you drive form shop to shop. Talking about precious fossil fuel, burning of spew out green house gases which contributes to global warming, I am environmentally conscious and have another environmental blog called Enviroman Says. With the "car explosion", there is now a serious shortage of parking lots in many places plus the atrocious parking charges.

Here is the amazing Internet and Washing Machine Reviews to the rescue. As an environmentally conscious blogger and a waste hater, I hope you use such review before you put down a single cent for purchase of a product. For WIZE product reviews has introduced what they call WIZERANK which is a number they say the use high technology to calculate, ranging from 100 (best) to 1 (worst) to help you make your choice.

As an environmentally conscious blogger, of course Enviroman Says you should look at the reviews for Energy Star Rated Quiet washing machines which lists washing machines which are not only energy efficient, but also quiet.

There are lots of ways to use this interesting product reviews site. If you look at the left sidebar of the page for Washing Machine Reviews, link given above, you will see 7 sections under "Criteria" - Price, Brands, Wash Presets, Volumn Capacity, Control Features, Exterior Color and Load Type. For example, if you have already visited the future couple's nest, you may already know the color scheme of there dream home. You would not want to get a washing machine with a color which clashes glaringly with their chosen color scheme, and you figured that beige would suit their nest color scheme best, you would go to reviews for beige colored washing machines.

If some of the invited guest are ganging up to pool together to buy a present and have pooled together enough resources, perhaps you can go for high end washing machines.

There are lots of ways to use this amazing WIZE products reviews. You just have to go to their site to find out for yourself.

If you happen to be a future bride or groom, a concerned family member, relative, friends or colleague of a future bride or groom, I hope you would refer other invited guests to this post as I think it is a useful post with useful tips for people involved with weddings and wedding presents.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun and modern shower invitation cards

When my eldest daughter got married less than a year ago, she was very fortunate. She had fun, modern and colorful wedding invitation cards to give out. How? Her future father-in-law is a partner in a company that import used printing machines, recondition and resell them. And a customer offered to print the cards for free!!!!

Not only that, her church friend offered to design her wedding card. Wow! Her wedding cards were sure colorful, fun, modern and unique.

I don't know whether she was fortunate or unfortunate in one sense - it is not a practice to hold bridal shower like in the United States of America. I understand although bridal shower originated from Brussels, Belgium, it remains a primarily US and Canadian practice. So if you are residing in these 2 countries, you will likely to have a bridal shower in addition to the wedding ceremony and reception. That means you will need to get and send bridal shower invitations as well. If so, perhaps you would also like fun, colorful and modern shower invitation cards like my daughter's wedding cards. They are available from Bridal Shower Invitations.

It will be good etiquette to also send Thank You Cards after the events. These days, people are all busy attending to various things, and it is very easy to forget important events. It will be embarrassing to have your very important occasion half empty because those invited and accepted forgot. If you are afraid of that, you can give them special Save The Date Wedding Magnets. Then you can sleep peacefully knowing everything will go well on that important date.

There are lots of other things on offer in that site. Surf over there and see for yourself.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chocolate fountain for your wedding reception or bridal shower

For your wedding reception or bridal shower, it will be nice to have something memorable. You may want to consider a chocolate fountain which will give your guests something extra to enjoy. The melted chocolate flowing over the chocolate fountain tiers will form a nice centerpiece that will stay in your and your guests memories for a long time and is a unique and beautiful alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Your guest will enjoy dipping into the delicious melted chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Company offers 3 different size of chocolate fountain depending on your need and preferences - small, medium and large. They offer delivery to events within Southern California. Their services include setting up, taking down and cleaning of the chocolate fountain, and will include the chocolate with the fountain. They will provide 6 inch wooden skewers and will be at your event for 4 hours. Additional hours if required will be charged at $25 per hour. They can also provide fruits and dipping items ranging from $1.50 to $3.50 per person.

Chocolate Covered Company provide other items for weddings in addition to chocolate fountain. They can supply assortments of chocolate covered wedding berries. They also have assortment of wedding apples and pears.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mana Photo Graphics for your wedding photos

Need a competent and committed professional photographer for your very important occasion - your wedding? Sheryl Renee of Manna Photo Graphics, a very committed professional photographer should be able to do a fine job for your. Sheryl Renee is a member of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). She has done some fine jobs as you can see from her portfolio at Wedding

Manna Photo Graphics is based in Simpsonville, South Carolina, but she says she is willing to travel.

Manna Photo Graphics not only does weddings, but also Pet Portraits, Family Portraits, Children Portraits, Bridal Portraits, Baby Portraits, Engagement Cards, Commercial Advertisements, etc. She also did a fine job for Carolina Country Club and Asheville Tourist Baseball Team.

So if you ever need a professional wedding photographer for your most important day, do consider Sheryl of Manna Photo Graphics. I am sure she will put her heart into getting sweet memories for your important day.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wedding favors and Bridal Shower favors for your wedding

Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. Wedding favors have become a necessary part of wedding planning for ceremonies and receptions alike. Wedding favors are very varied and options for favors are only limited to the couple’s imagination. The bride may select a gift based on her wedding theme.

When you are organising something as important and special as a wedding, you are sure to want favors to give to your guests to thank them for the favor they bestow upon you by their presence. has a large variety of Wedding and Bridal Favors to delight your guests which you can choose and order conveniently online. Ground shipping is free for most items.

Rather than trinkets, you may want to bestow edible favors for your wedding guests. also Edible Favors which include Wedding Cake and Candy Bar and Wrapper, Toasting Couple Bar and Wrapper, Wedding Teas, etc.

There is such a variety of favors for you to choose from at, you got to surf over there to see for yourself when you are organising a wedding.