Monday, September 10, 2007

Fun and modern shower invitation cards

When my eldest daughter got married less than a year ago, she was very fortunate. She had fun, modern and colorful wedding invitation cards to give out. How? Her future father-in-law is a partner in a company that import used printing machines, recondition and resell them. And a customer offered to print the cards for free!!!!

Not only that, her church friend offered to design her wedding card. Wow! Her wedding cards were sure colorful, fun, modern and unique.

I don't know whether she was fortunate or unfortunate in one sense - it is not a practice to hold bridal shower like in the United States of America. I understand although bridal shower originated from Brussels, Belgium, it remains a primarily US and Canadian practice. So if you are residing in these 2 countries, you will likely to have a bridal shower in addition to the wedding ceremony and reception. That means you will need to get and send bridal shower invitations as well. If so, perhaps you would also like fun, colorful and modern shower invitation cards like my daughter's wedding cards. They are available from Bridal Shower Invitations.

It will be good etiquette to also send Thank You Cards after the events. These days, people are all busy attending to various things, and it is very easy to forget important events. It will be embarrassing to have your very important occasion half empty because those invited and accepted forgot. If you are afraid of that, you can give them special Save The Date Wedding Magnets. Then you can sleep peacefully knowing everything will go well on that important date.

There are lots of other things on offer in that site. Surf over there and see for yourself.

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